What is the Difference Between Thermal Transfer and Thermal Sublimation?

1. The temperature and time of hot stamping are different

Generally speaking, the thermal transfer temperature is between 130-150 degrees and the time is about 6-10 seconds, while the sublimation temperature is between 200-230 degrees and the time is about 15-20 seconds.

2. The fabrics of hot stamping are different

Thermal transfer can be hot stamped on all fabrics such as knitted, textile, nylon, non-woven, Oxford cloth. The sublimation can only be ironed on light-colored or white polyester fabrics, and the more polyester-containing components are, the brighter the color.

3. The feel after hot stamping is different

There is hot melt glue on the back of the thermal transfer printing, so the hot stamping on the fabric feels like something is attached to the surface of the fabric, and it feels a little hard. Sublimation is the penetration of ink into the fabric, so it feels soft to the touch.

4. The color is different

Thermal transfer can achieve the effect of a photo. As long as a clear original file (vector) is provided when doing thermal transfer, the effect of a photo can be achieved. The effect of thermal sublimation is not as clear as heat transfer. The higher the polyester content of the sublimation paper, the brighter the color. Of course, it is also related to the temperature and time of hot stamping. The higher the temperature of hot stamping, the longer the time, the brighter the color.

5. The washing fastness is different

Generally speaking, the washing fastness of thermal transfer printing is better than that of non-sublimation paper, and the quality is mainly based on: elasticity and washing fastness. Sublimation A-grade products can reach washing fastness level 4 or above, B-grade products can reach 4-grade color fastness, and C-grade products can also reach 3-grade color fastness, depending on production needs.

In Nowadays, The New Way Printing is DTG Printer

DTG printers can print directly on all kinds of fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, linen, silk, leather, blending, chemical fiber, yarn-dyed fabric, fiber blending, and composite fabrics. With washable, fastness is over level 4, good hand feeling, permeability is strong. Low ink cost, high profit, one print to finish all the colors. 

It combines all the good points, so it is very popular right now, as well as in the future I believe. Here we have 3 dtg models for sale, please check below.



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