What is ICC curve in UV printer?

In layman’s terms, the ICC curve is the ink used by the printer. When printing on a certain material, it is a scheme of the ink output ratio. The manufacturer’s UV printer will come with a set of ink when it leaves the factory. The ICC curve of this ink is already matched with the nozzle and the machine. It only needs to adjust the position of the nozzle, and the customer can print. Sometimes customers will replace the ink by themselves, and the printed pictures are inconsistent and the colors are not equal. It is often because the ICC curve and the ink do not match, and a new ICC curve needs to be made.

For example, when the UV printer is shipped, the factory will debug the machine to a matching state according to the comprehensive analysis of the customer’s processing technology, materials, and ink used. Generally, there is no need to re-curve the curve. The customer uses the operation according to the manufacturer’s introduction. This problem will not occur.


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