What Effects Can LED UV Printer Print?

1. Flat color printing

UV printer can print any pattern. Unlike the traditional sticker process, this new printing technology uses the piezoelectric inkjet printing principle to print the pattern on the material directly. Such as phone case, wood, metal, leather, tpu, golf, water bottle etc. 

UV printing sample

2. Flat 3D color printing

The difference between the 3D color printing effect and the flat color printing effect is that the 3D effect looks like a three-dimensional pattern, which is very realistic. The flat 3D color printing effect is achieved by printing 3D renderings with a LED UV printer. Such as mirror effect, which is color ink on the base, white ink on the top, normally, by printing this effect using transparent glass and acrylic.

UV printing sample 

3. 3D relief

The embossed 3D effect focuses on “relief”. The production process is to use a UV printer to accumulate ink to make the pattern engraved and embossed. The embossed part can be printed one or more times as needed. The biggest difference between the relief 3D effect and the flat 3D effect is that the relief 3D effect feels uneven, while the flat 3D effect feels flat. As well as vanish effect.

embossment vanish


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