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In daily life, we often see many foods such as cakes, candies, chocolates, biscuits, macarons, etc., which are printed with exquisite patterns. Printing this kind of pattern on the food will not affect the original taste of the food while improving the grade of the food itself.

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Our cake printing machine is different from desktop printers such as HP and Canon. Our cake printer can print directly on cakes, without first printing on sugar paper and then converting it to cakes. This allows for more vivid prints, brighter colors, and lower cost, as long as the edible ink is printed directly on the cake. The cost of edible ink is very low. For example, 100ml of edible ink is priced at $6, and 100ml of ink can print 200 birthday cakes! An average cake is only $0.03! If you use other printers, the price of a sheet of sugar paper is 0.7 US dollars. It is conceivable that the cost of consumables in the middle varies greatly.

How does the cake printing machine work? Very simple, you only need to upload the printed photos to the printing software, set the printing size, and click “print”, the printer will complete the printing of a birthday cake within 2 minutes, the speed is very fast. In addition, we will send you an English operation manual, operation video, and experienced English after-sales service for 24 hours to help your customized business.

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What else can a cake printer print besides printing cakes? We have cake printing machines of different sizes, the smallest is A3+, the largest printing size is 33×55cm (13×21.6 inch), the largest printing size for A2+ is 65×60cm (25.6×23.6 inch), and can print 4 large birthday cakes at a time, The maximum printing size of A1+ is 60×90cm (23.6×35.4 inch), which can print about 100 macarons at a time! It only takes 15 minutes. The maximum print height of the machine is 18cm (7.1 inches). So in addition to cakes, the machine can also print all kinds of food, such as macarons, chocolates, candies, marshmallows, cookies, coffee, bread, etc., of course, it can also print sugar paper. It is a multifunctional printer that can meet all the needs of customers. Here are some samples shown below:

food printing sample effect

Regarding ink, food ink is water-based ink, which contains 95% water and 5% food coloring, which means that it will not block the nozzle and is harmless to human health. In addition, you can also buy edible ink in your local area, it will not affect the printing effect.

The purpose of the cake printer: suitable for home or commercial use, you can use it at home, or in your store, the machine printing process is noiseless, easy to operate, and very suitable for customization business.

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