DTG Printer

The dtg printer can perform colorless color printing on T-shirts of any color such as black, red, white, etc. It can print white, and the full-color gradient color can be printed at one time. The washing fastness is grade 3-4, fully in line with international general standards. The ink is environmentally friendly and fully meets the highest testing standards of the European Union. The T-shirt printing machine is connected to the computer through USB. After editing the size and position of the picture through the special RIP software, the printing command is sent directly. The operation is simple, no plate making is required, and full color is printed at one time. Compared with traditional crafts, it has bright colors, good hand feeling, good air permeability, long-term washing, no fading, no peeling, and no cracking.
A2 dtg printer


Double printheads, max print size 65*60cm, can print 2 pcs T-shirt of A3+ size by one time, or 4 pcs A4 at the same time. 

digital print shirt


Double printheads, max print size  60*90cm, can print 4 pcs T-shirt of A3 size by one time, or 8 pcs A4 at the same time.

A3 dtg printer

Double printheads, original Epson XP600, max print size 33*50cm. Fast printing speed, direct to garment T-shirt printer. 

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