What Are The Types of UV Inks?

Ink type

UV ink is an important consumable in printing. The types and characteristics of UV printer ink are as follows:

Water-based ink

The cost of water-based ink is very low, there is no pollution, and the color is very bright, but because the volatilization speed of water is slow, the picture of the sprayed water-based ink is not easy to dry and be absorbed by the medium.

Solvent-based ink

Eco-solvent ink is a kind of water-based and oil-based ink, which can be printed on the medium first, so that the effect is bright and the adhesion is strong, but solvent-based ink does not have white ink (white ink is immature) Printing on dark media is a big problem.

UV ink

As a special solvent UV ink, it is cured immediately after being exposed to ultraviolet rays, firmly adheres to the surface of the medium, and will not dissolve in water or other organic solvents. It is very suitable for users of UV printers.

epson uv ink

UV ink has a wide range of applications and can be printed on hard materials such as sheet, plastic, glass, wood, ceramic tile and metal. Since UV ink does not have drying time issues, it can improve production efficiency. After printing, UV ink generally only needs 1/10 seconds to be completely fixed on the surface of the substrate. UV light can not only cure the surface of the ink, but also penetrate deep into the ink to stimulate the further curing of the deep ink film. Compared with traditional inks, the photopolymerization curing of UV inks is more thorough and does not generate any solvent-based pollutants, which is more environmentally friendly.

ricoh gh2220 uv ink

UV ink has good stability and does not contain insoluble substances, which effectively avoids the blockage of the print head and effectively prolongs the service life of the print head. The UV curing device has a compact structure, which can save site space, and has fast processing speed and high production efficiency. The UV curing process ensures that the film layer is thinner and has excellent performance, thereby reducing the consumption of raw materials and helping to reduce costs.


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