What Can You Print With a UV Flatbed Printer?

What is UV flatbed printer?

UV inkjet printing refers to the use of UV ink, and the monotonous method of UV ink is UV monotony, that is, the ink is cured by UV light. The advantage is that the ink can be printed on any material. It only needs to pass through the ultraviolet light (the device comes with the device) to stop the monotony, so the printing material is not limited.

Application field

1. LED UV flatbed printers are very robust in world gift shopping malls and have become a popular trend in gifts. Print your own photos or favorite images, icons, and text on the gift, and the faces of thousands of people who are out of touch with the gift can better reflect the value of the gift and the uniqueness of the giver. UV inkjet printing is used in home decoration and furniture market: the domestic home decoration market reaches tens of billions, and home-specific decoration is also quietly prevailing. Users can print their favorite photos or images on decorative paintings, tiles, furniture, and floors according to their favorite home features, decorate their homes with their favorite features, and create their own feature space.UV printing samples2. UV flatbed printing is suitable for users in the popular mobile phone and digital goods market – some are young and fashionable groups, and printing your own logo on these goods is the best embodiment of the display characteristics. Some carry-on items, such as vanity mirrors, lighters, wallets, backpacks, etc., are also an excellent way for these users to express their own characteristics. UV inkjet printing in the personalized image consumer goods market: With the rapid development of digital images, we are no longer constrained to print our own photos on photo paper. UV inkjet printing systems can print any image on crystal, glass, acrylic, metal, ceramic, canvas, and more. The effect and feelling of the products printed on different materials are different. We can print our own photos on different materials to enrich the form and effect of the photos.

3. UV printing machine is used in film, game, animation, and peripheral commodity shopping malls of popular civilization: the universal digital printing system can also conveniently display some popular images or popular elements such as films, animation, HIP-HOP, etc., according to the prevailing trend. printed on some items. UV inkjet printing in advertising and signage shopping malls: high-quality, high-cost, small and medium-sized batches of advertising and signage production, such as all kinds of metal membership cards, time cards, badges, listings, authorization cards, etc. are all colorfully printed. Printing skills are difficult to achieve.

4. UV printing such as our 6090 UV printer is used for professional proofing: one-time molding, no plate making, some materials can be reused, and the cost is low; computer typesetting, correction, and production directly, simple operation, high efficiency, and greatly reduce costs. UV inkjet printing in professional high-quality small batch printing: inkjet direct printing, no need for plate making and filming, no transfer and film, high image quality, accurate color positioning; printable media is abundant.

Future development

UV inkjet printing machine is a new type of glass printing equipment, which is a kind of digital printing machine. Acrylic color printing machine is not a professional title. It is classified according to different principles. Art glass printing machine can have many different names and titles. As a new type of printing equipment, UV inkjet printing has detonated the color printing work in a short period of time, setting off a heat wave of characteristic digital color printing.

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