A Girl Opens a Custom Cake Shop With an Edible Cake Printer

An Edible Cake Printer changes Her Career

Xiao Ai is a college student from Guangdong. She is 23 years old this year. She is a senior who graduated last year from the Economics Department of an undergraduate college in Guangdong. In September last year, a unique custom-made cake shop opened on the snack street near the university town, and the business was very hot just because of an edible cake printer

cake printer make a difference

It all starts with Xiao Ai’s party in June. June has always been the graduation season and the separation season. Separated from her classmates for four years and separated from her teacher who accompanied her for four years, so Xiao Ai, as the life committee member of the class, planned the last event during the university, the Teacher Appreciation Banquet. The thank-you banquet took the form of a buffet with delicious wine and food. Everyone was thrilled. In the middle of the party, Xiao Ai played a carefully edited clip of everyone’s journey over the past 4 years on the hotel screen, which moved everyone. After the video was played, the monitor Ouyang delivered the cake with the graduation photo printed in advance from the background, shocking the audience! Can you customize the pattern on the cake? ! Exactly as if printed on photo paper!

imago cake printer

Although Xiao Ai heard about it when organizing activities, it was the first time she saw the finished product, and she was as surprised as all her classmates. At the same time, there is a bud of entrepreneurship in her heart, growing quietly.

After the meeting, Xiao Ai chatted with a few close friends, and wanted to quit her current e-commerce job with a basic salary of 5K, and start her own business with an edible cake printer to make cakes. Everyone doesn’t understand. After reading books for so many years, her current job is quite stable and the development prospects are not bad. Why does Xiao Ai want to resign? Moreover, Xiao Ai has never made pastries and has no entrepreneurial experience at all. It can be said that she is a complete “outsider”.

cake printing machine

Even though many people didn’t understand it, Xiao Ai quit her current job and found FninkJet on the Internet, a company that has been developing a flatbed inkjet machine that prints patterns on objects since 2010. After a detailed understanding, She persuaded her parents to invest in a Fninkjet edible cake printer. During the two months of the summer vacation, from the early market research, apprenticeship, and logo design to the later purchase of raw materials, shop decoration, etc., She partnered with a few aspiring friends to run her own small cake shop. Xiaoai’s cake shop can customize exclusive cakes according to the photos provided by customers, and provide door-to-door service throughout the city. At present, the team, including herself, has 5 members, and the monthly operating income reaches 50,000 to 60,000 yuan.

edible cake printer

Xiao Ai said that although it is not easy to make cakes, the principle is the same when making more cakes. The business is so good, thanks to the inspiration at the teacher’s thanks banquet. The cake purchased at the beginning is actually a very ordinary cake. If there is no printed pattern, the price will be tens of yuan at most, but after customizing it with the edible cake printer of Fninkjet, the meaning is different. Not only is it better-looking and more delicate, just like posting a photo that you can eat, but it can also give you more surprises and joy, and the meaning it carries is deeper feelings. She’s happy with the edible cake printer machine

In the next few years, her business is getting bigger, and decided to buy another 2 A1 edible cake printers, because she expanded  her business. Now she making macarons, cookies at the same time. 

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