The Difference Between Printhead Cleaning and Pump the Ink of Flatbed Printing Machine

flatbed printing machine

The functions of cleaning the head and pumping ink are exactly the same, both sucking the ink out of the nozzle. But the actual effect may be different.

1. In the case of good ink fluidity, the effect of the two is exactly the same.

2. In the case of poor ink fluidity or blockage on the print head but not serious, the ink absorption can make the printing smooth and good effect as soon as possible. what is the reason? Because when cleaning, the nozzle also has a “sweeping” process. Although the ink was sucked out during cleaning, and there was ink in the print head, the ink inside the print head was exhausted due to “sweeping”, and the ink was not replenished in time due to poor fluidity, resulting in the printing line of the nozzle still broken.

Flatbed printing machines have broad application prospects and play an important role in various processing and customization enterprises, such as home building materials, advertising materials, stationery production, jewelry manufacturing, handicraft processing, gemstone inlay and processing, etc. Flatbed printers do not have very high requirements on materials, and almost all types of materials can be processed with high precision.


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