How to Choose LED UV ink for UV Printer?

The choice of LED UV ink is even more crucial to the choice of UV printer consumables. How to choose? We have some simple selection methods for you.

In the selection of UV printer consumables, the choice of led UV ink is even more crucial. Today we are talking about the method of testing its stability. The Ink is the first consumable for UV printers, and it is the basic factor of printing. Without it, printing cannot be done. The quality of the ink determines the quality of the printing effect, and will also affect the UV printing machine itself. A large part of the quality of ink is determined by stability. If the stability is poor, the quality of the ink must be poor. So how to test its stability?

After continuous research and summarizing experience, Shenzhen FN Technology Co., Ltd has summarized some practical UV printer ink stability testing methods by summarizing and analyzing customer feedback information. Here we share some simple selection methods with you.

1. High temperature test

After placing the LED uv ink in a high-temperature environment (55°C to 70°C) for a week, return to room temperature 20-25°C for 24 hours, and do a printing test on the UV machine for no less than one hour. When printing continuously, the ink should be continuous and does not change color.

2. Low temperature test

After placing the ink in a low-temperature environment (-37°C to -46°C) for a week, return to the room temperature of 20-25°C for 24 hours, and do a continuous printing test on the machine for at least one hour. The printing result should be continuous and does not change color.

The high and low-temperature test of UV printer ink is because it is placed in an extremely high temperature or low-temperature environment, which can accelerate the unstable exposure of the ink and can also test its stability of it during transportation and storage in a long-term high and low-temperature environment.

3. Distinguish ink taste

There are two indicators for evaluating the odor of the ink. One is the odor during construction. The main source is the residual solvent in the ink. Under normal circumstances, the residual solvent content is less than 2%. In special cases, such as cigarette packs UV ink requirement is less than 0.5%.

But in today’s soaring oil prices, many suppliers add a lot of solvents, such as alcohol and toluene, to reduce the cost of UV ink, the highest can reach 25%, which is unfavorable for the long-term development of it and environmental protection.

Another indicator for evaluating the odor of the ink is the residual odor after construction, which cannot disappear after being placed for a long time, it is difficult to fundamentally improve this, mainly because of cost and selection of suitable materials.

4. Observe the color

UV printer ink is sensitive to UV light. If the ink construction continues to be exposed to UV light (such as sunlight and fluorescent lamps), the UV inkjet ink will continue to react and turn yellow, which is a defect in itself.

For conventional UV ink, it cannot be fundamentally improved for the time being, but the degree of yellowing of ink from different suppliers is different unless specific non-yellowing or extra white UV ink is used. For the discoloration of the ink, after the UV oil flatbed printer ink is varnished, the main reason is the problem of itself.

New users should refer to the various index parameters of UV ink carefully. On your new UV flatbed printing machine, not all inks can be used reasonably, and one ink cannot be used for many types of UV printers. In the same way, the technical parameters of the ink are different, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate technical parameters to use the ink that suits you.

In addition to meeting various physical and chemical indicators, the stability of high-quality UV ink is also very important. When buying ink, don’t blindly pursue cheapness, because cheap inks must use cheap raw materials and low quality, resulting in different sizes of ink pigment particles, unstable suspension systems, and precipitation with time and temperature changes. , The phenomenon of delamination will directly lead to the blockage of the printer nozzle, and even serious consequences such as burning the nozzle, so the UV flatbed inkjet printer must use high-quality ink.


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