What Are the Pre-press Preparations for Reactive Digital Printing?

1. For reactive digital printing. Check the functional integrity of each component of the equipment. Check whether the print head is blocked or slanted, calibrate the belt step, left and right offset, whether the belt washing system is working normally, whether the drying system is working normally, and whether the information transmission between the computer and the printing machine is normal, whether the RIP output software is normal. Is the configuration correct, etc?

2. Adjust the output color profile linearity. In the production process, under normal circumstances, the linearity of the color configuration of the digital inkjet printing machine for a certain type of fabric is adjusted in advance. If there is no color profile linearity for the fabric, it is required to perform color management on the digital inkjet printer for the fabric and generate a linear profile for color management.

3. Before color management, it is necessary to adjust the printing machine, steam box, washing, and soaping equipment to a working state consistent with normal production. According to the width of the fabric, take out 1-1.5M of fabric from the pre-treated embryonic fabric for use, and keep the rest of the fabric sealed to prevent contamination. According to the type of RIP software used, output the ink quantity detection picture attached to the software, drying, steaming, washing, soaping, washing, drying, and measuring the set ink quantity with a spectrophotometer.

4. After the hardware and software are properly prepared, make a relatively common color card for this type of fabric. When making a color card, try to put most of the color values in the color gamut range that can be expressed by the ink used with this machine into the color card, so as to simplify the workload of proofing output color matching in the future. The color card produced must be marked with the time of production, the working environment during production, the status of each piece of equipment during production, the configuration of software, and production personnel.

That’t all the preparation for reactive digital printing that we suggest. 


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