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FninkJet A2 DTG printer plus, which is the most popular. With max print size 65*60cm(25.6*23.6 inch), max print thickness 18cm(7.1 inch). Can match a big A2 size t-shirt adapter, or print 2 pcs A3+ t-shirt at the same time, or 4 pcs A4 at the same time. The printer with Epson original XP600 double printhead, one head for color ink, another head for white ink, so it can print the best effect on black shirts. It is a perfect size for small businesses, you can use it at home or at your shop. As the machine uses our independent board, the speed won’t slow down anymore. In addition, double light flashing won’t appear, there won’t appear ink error or paper Jam, no need to do zero cleaning anymore. Especially, this machine’s printing speed is 2 times faster than the old Epson 1390, printing result is vivid color, with very soft hand feeling. 

Double head A2 DTG printer

One printhead for color ink, another print head for full white ink, which is can print better effect on dark color shirts.

dtg printer

Multi-functional A2 DTG Flatbed Printer

The A2 t shirt printer is direct to garment printer, and can perform colorless color printing on T-shirts of any color such as black, red, white, etc. It can print white, and the full-color gradient color can be printed at one time. The washing fastness is grade 3-4, fully in line with international general standards. The ink is environmentally friendly and fully meets the highest testing standards of the European Union. The T-shirt printing machine is connected to the computer through USB. After editing the size and position of the picture through the special RIP software, the printing command is sent directly. The operation is simple, no plate making is required, and full color is printed at one time. Compared with traditional crafts, it has bright colors, good hand feeling, good air permeability, long-term washing, no fading, no peeling, and no cracking.

dtg printer

*Fast speed, 2 times faster than R1390 t-shirt printer.
*Printing speed won’t slow down after a long time.
*No ink error and paper jam, no need zero clean.
*For light color fabrics, no need for pre-treatment, print directly.

*Print white and color by one pass. Or white first, color later. 
*White ink circulation system, protect the printhead.
*The washing fastness grade is 3-4. Soft hand feeling, breathable. 
*Resolution 2880*720dpi, no printing line.

Working Process of DTG Printing Machine

direct to garment printer
direct to garment printer

A2 DTG Printer Introduction

direct to garment printer
direct to garment printer
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ModelFN-6560YD A2 DTG Printer
Printing TechnologyOne Printer head advanced Micro Piezo 6 color pigment inkjet technology 
Ink colors (6 colors + Vanish)Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white, white; or CMYK+6W; 
Printing speed8pass, 70s/A4 full size
Print head Epson original XP600 (single head or double head)
Max resolution2880*720 DPI, 16 pass
transmit dataGigabit net
Max Printing SizeA2+ (650mm×600mm)
Max thickness180 mm
Printer head ProtectionIntelligent Self Protect System
Ink systemContinue ink supply system with damper cartridge 
Ink bottle 6 set Ink Tanks with 500ml per bottle
Height adjustmentSemi-automation
Ink consumption10 ML/SQM
Voltage/ Power VAC220/110 ± 10 ,50HZ~60HZ,Power ≤ 35W
Working environment10-35 degrees (50°-95°F), humidity 20~80%
Head Cleaning methodAutomatic / Manual
Printer/packing size139*105*70cm / 148*105*90cm
Net /Packing weight140kg / 240kg
Printing SoftwareUltraprint, better print, maintop, Ruicai RIPrint, print white and color by one pass 
Computer systemWindows system, Gigabit net, network adapter contain below character: Gigabit、GBE、10/100/1000M、RTL8169                                                           
Ink TypeTextile Ink
LanguageEnglish, Chinese
Special RemarksCustomized service is available
Standard EnclosureSoftware 1 set, power line 1 set, Network line 1set, guidebook 1 set
Application On any fabrics (cotton, polyester, cotton and linen, etc)
T-shirt printer details
t shirt printer
t shirt printer
A2 DTG 03
t-shirt printing machine
direct to garment printing near me

Why this A2 DTG printer?
1. One pass for a dark t-shirt. As we offer customers the newest RIPint version software, it can help you print on dark t-shirts by one pass, which can help you reduce much printing time.
2. White ink circulation system, the white ink will be flowing every 30 minutes from the ink tube to the ink cartridge/damper, which will protect the printer head be blocked by the white ink.
3. High-end display screen that can help you know all the printing situations of your printer.
4. Pump Onekey: Do the ink suction automatically, no need to do the ink suction by hand anymore.
5. Auto Onekey: Printer with head protection system, adjust the height automatically. It can protect the printer head from knocking, no need to adjust the printing distance by hand while it is printing. After adjusting the printing distance, the printer will feed your products to the printer and print directly.
6. One “Click” to print: no matter where your printer platform is after you put your products on the platform and click ” Print ” in the newest RIPrint software, the printer will feed the product’s print directly. The printing is pretty easy.

After-service and Warranty

1. Online training one-to-one (by WhatsApp, WeChat, email, video, etc).
2. English operation manual, operation video.
3. Printer with one year warranty and lifetime maintenance.
4. Seller will replace the spare parts for free in one year except for the print head, CISS, and mainboard.


Shipping details 
Packing typeFumigation free wooden case/PLY wood case
Printer size139*105*70cm 
Packing size148*105*90cm
Gross weight140kg
Volume weight240kg
Package includedUSB cable/power cable/CD driver/manual/ink adding tools
Shipping TypeExpress(DHL,EMS,UPS,TNT,FedEx)/Air shipping/Sea shipping
CertificateCE, SGS, MSDS, CO, SASO etc
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