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UV printer manufacturer in Shenzhen China since 2010

FninkJet is a UV printer manufacturer with a history of excellence, customer service, and quality craftsmanship. We specialize in UV printers, DTG printers, dtf printers, food printers as well as UV ink, textile ink, dtf ink, and edible ink for both residential and commercial customers around the world.

We are located in Shenzhen, China. As a UV printer manufacturer since 2010 in China Market. We do OEM/ODM for domestic trading companies. We are helping to grow their brands. A few years later, we decided to develop our brand – FNINKJET. UV printers, DTG printers, Edible food printers, UV ink, and DTG ink are our main products. We are still developing products. Such as DTF printers, DTF ink, and so on.

All of our products with strict quality control. All raw materials will be inspected for incoming materials, inspection during the assembly process, and inspection before delivery. All the machines will be tested for 24 hours continuously before being sent out from our factory.

We use advanced technology:
1. Ink alarm system: lights will on when ink is running out, per light match per color.
2. White ink circulation system: reduce white ink precipitation, protect the print head being clogged by white ink.
3. Flash spray auto function: maintaining the print head automatically when standby, you can set time by yourself.
4. Integrated lift ink stack: protect the print head, moisturizing and cleaning, keeps stability and smooth printing.
5. Lead screw drive: give a high-precision printing (our machine can print mini word 1mm, or even smaller)
6. Serve motor/big motor: precise, give a high speed and stable control
7. Strong independent motherboard and quality powder: give a high speed and stable printing, protective circuit and the machine.

Here we recommend 3 models UV printers for you: A3, A2, A1 size.The A3, A2 size with single head or double head, double head support vanish ink. A1 UV/6090 UV printer with single head, double head, triple head version.  Please inquiry us if you want to develop your business with our machines!

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