Bread Printer Food Printing Machine

Bread Printer Direct to Edible Food Printer

You maybe know the bread printer from other types, and not the multifunction edible food printer. What is it? It is a kind of advanced inkjet printer, use food grade edible ink, automatically print directly on your bread, cakes, macarons, chocolates, candies or any other food surface. More simple step, low ink cost, better than sugar paper transfer. You also can use this bread printer ro print on sugar paper too. There is no limit for the food. 

We have 3 sizes of the bread label printer:
A3 size max print is 33*50cm, can print about 20 bread(median size) by one pass, printing time takes about 4 minutes(updated version).
A2 size max print is 65*60cm, can print about 40 bread(median size) by one time, printing time takes about 8 minutes(updated version).

A1 size max print is 60*90cm, can print about 55 bread(median size) by one time, printing time take about 10 minutes(updated version).

Sample show:bread printer

bread printer

edible food printer


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