Lollipop Printer

Lollipop Printer Direct to All Edible Food Surface

Edible lollipop printer is a flatbed inkjet printer, with advanced 6 colors inkjet printing technology, Epson XP600 print head, can print directly to all edible food, such as lollipops, cookies, cakes, macarons, chocolates, m&m candies, coffees, bread and so on. It is a multifunction edible printer, which is very good for cake shops, candy shops, macaron shops, chocolate shops… The printing cost is much lower than sugar paper transfer. 100ml edible ink cost $6 and can print 10 square meters. It is a popular choice for customization nowadays. 

We have 3 sizes of the lollipop printer:
A3 size max print is 33*50cm, can print about 30 lollipops by one pass, printing time takes about 3 minutes(updated version). 
A2 size max print is 65*60cm, can print about 60 lollipops at one time, printing time takes about 6 minutes(updated version).
A1 size max print is 60*90cm, can print about 80 lollipops at one time, printing time take about 8 minutes(updated version).

Sample show:edible printer candy lollipop

lollipop edible printing machine

candy printer

lollipop printer machine


Edible Food Printing Machine for Sale

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