FN-A3DO-2 A3 Oven DTF PET Film Dryer

A3 Oven DTF PET Film Dryer DTF Curing Oven

FNINKJET A3 Oven DTF film dryer for sale, the dtf curing oven size is 50*45*15cm, 11kg. It is portable and durable. The usage is for heating films. Temperature setting 140 degrees, baking time 1-20 minutes adjustable. If your pattern size is small, you can cure in less time. The machine with 4 heat tubes, can heat evenly. Baking size is up to 38*48cm. It is larger than other A3 dtf ovens. AC110V and AC220V are available.

Model: FN-A3DO-2

Product Size: 50*45*15cm

Type: DTF Printer Oven

Weight: 11kg (Gross)

Power: AC 110V-220V 16A 700W

Packing:54*48*21cm. Neutral, carton box packing

Automatic Grade: Automatic

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Baking Time: Adjustable,  1-20minutes 

Shipping: By sea/air/DHL/FedEx

Operating Environment: 0-50°C (0-122°F)

Delivery Time: 3-5 working days

Relative Humidity: 35%-85%

Payment: T/T, Western Union, Paypal, SEPA payment, etc.

Application: DTF film, DTF ink and hot melt adhesive powder curing

After-service: Online technical support

Certificate: ISO9001/CE

Supply Ability: 3000 sets per month

Inspection Before Shipment: Yes

OEM is available

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DTF Curing Oven Features

1.Professional Intelligent Temperature Control System
Increased heat reflection, intelligent and efficient heating, fast heating, uniform heating, and instant curing.
2. Heats up quickly
Built-in 4 heating tubes, it only takes 30 seconds to heat up to 140 degrees.
3. Heat evenly
It is specially designed for DTF film, and the heating is uniform to ensure that the hot melt powder is completely melted.
4. Increase the baking area
The baking size is up to 38*48cm, it is real A3+, can fit bigger size.

After-service and Warranty

1. Online training one-to-one (by WhatsApp, WeChat, email, video, etc).
2. English operation manual, operation video.
3. Printer with one year warranty and lifetime maintenance.
4. Seller will replace the spare parts for free in one year except for the print head, CISS, and clean unit. (not include shipping)

The biggest feature of DTF heat transfer printing is that it does not need to be discharged. It can be printed on PET thermal transfer film. It can be directly printed on clothes at high temperatures using a pressing machine. etc.) Eliminate the traditional thermal transfer printing, the printing feels good, the color is beautiful, the tear does not deform, and the color does not fade with water!

Warm tips

*Please keep the room ventilating during baking;
*Please turn off the oven after two hours of continued baking, for the purpose of cooling down the oven.
*keep away from children.

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