The Impact of High Temperature in Summer on UV Printers

The Impact of High Temperature in Summer on UV Printers.

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In the high-temperature environment, pay attention to the physical cooling of the space used by the UV printers, and keep the temperature of the printer working environment below 40 degrees. The printer may stop working under high temperatures and affect the operation. Especially under the condition of long-term uninterrupted printing of the printer, too high a temperature will easily cause the related control board of the printer to have a high temperature, which will affect the printing performance. The printing speed is slow, and even other serious chip and electronic components, circuit damage, and so on.

In addition, if the working environment temperature of the UV printer is too high or too low, it will also cause the nozzle of the printer to be disconnected, because the ink used in the printer has a specified working environment index, and the viscosity index of the ink will change with the ambient temperature. However, the working voltage of the nozzle corresponding to the different viscosity will also change accordingly, otherwise, it will cause the instability of the nozzle orifice, and the phenomenon of wire breakage and ink breakage will easily occur. When the temperature is high, the viscosity of the ink decreases. At this time, the working voltage of the print head should be appropriately reduced. Otherwise, it is easy to form air bubbles in the ink pipe, causing no ink to be ejected from the nozzle holes, resulting in white lines on the screen, resulting in the interruption of the inkjet printing of the printer. line phenomenon.

Therefore, in the high-temperature working environment in summer, it is necessary to ventilate and cool the space for the UV printer. The ventilation of the working space of the printer is directly related to the temperature of the space, because in the working space with poor ventilation, the heat emitted by the machine and the accumulation of room temperature will easily cause the overall room temperature to be too high. The temperature is relatively high. If the indoor space is not well ventilated and the temperature cannot be dissipated, the machine will be easily affected by the temperature and cause-related failures, which will affect the normal inkjet printing of the UV printer; at the same time, the ink that the printer prints when printing In an unventilated working environment and a high-temperature indoor space, a strong ink odor will easily be produced, which will easily cause an uncomfortable feeling to the operator.


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