The Development Prospect of UV Phone Case Printer

Basically, every one of us will use mobile phone cases, so the development prospects of mobile phone case customization are infinite and will not stop. The demand will only continue to increase as more and more people like to print their pictures on their phone cases.

phone case printer

The mobile phone case printer is high-tech digital printing equipment of inkjet printing type “non-contact” with objects so that it can be printed on the wood, crystal, metal plate, floor tile, CD, or acrylic without any material restrictions. , EVA, KT board, leather, silicone, plastic, PP, PE, PVC, fabric, self-adhesive, stone plastic, glass, wood, etc… If you want to print, you can print it easily, the process is simple! You can print any color and quality printing effect on any other surface.

phone case

The phone case printing machine is special printing equipment that can directly print on the material. It can also be called a digital printer, because its working principle is basically the same as that of an ordinary printing machine, and it is processed on the computer. After choosing the pattern you want to make, connect the data cable through the USB port to transmit the information to the phone case printer, so as to command the phone case printer to print.

The appearance design of the mobile phone case printer: overall, simple, easy to operate, convenient, completely humanized, and scientific design. And can print embossed, vanish effect, the sample as below:

embossment vanish

Mobile UV phone case printer has an automatic cleaning system and white ink circulation system: Significant anti-nozzle clogging function, automatic cleaning of the print head in cycles of various modes according to the consumer’s choice, which can prevent the nozzle from clogging.

Advantages: personalized customization, trendy and fashionable items, multi-functional, colorful, print white and color by one pass, dry at once, support embossment and vanish effect. The market has broad prospects, and all those who have mobile phones are customers. There are many materials that can be printed, in addition to standard mobile phone shells, it can also be directly printed on TPU phone cases, plastic shells, silicone covers, leather phone cases, and glass shells; more materials can be printed: such as metal, TPU, PC, ABS, leather And other materials, glass products, wood products can also be directly color printing.

The A3 size mobile phone case UV printer is small and mini occupies a small space, is easy to carry, and has a flexible business model; the price is cheap, which is conducive to rapid business development. The printing cost is very low. For example, the price of one liter of UV ink is 40 US dollars, and 2000 mobile phone cases can be printed, and the cost of each mobile phone case is only 0.02 US dollars. With the increasing demand for customization, the futures market will become more and more prosperous.

How to choose an uv printer ? Here we have different sizes for your options.


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