How To Maintain UV Flatbed Printer When The Temperature Is Low?

Compared with summer, the air is dry in winter, which is a high-incidence period of UV flatbed printer failures. Here are some tips for you.

1. Every customer who uses a UV flatbed printer in winter can use a blower to blow it every morning when it is turned on.

2. Compared with summer, the air is dry in winter, which is a high-incidence period of printer failures. If careless maintenance, it may cause the printing nozzle to be blocked, the carriage to be abnormal (usually called head collision), and even cause the nozzle to collide. If the nozzle is cracked, it will cost a lot of money to replace the nozzle. Therefore, strengthening maintenance is the best way to “solve the symptoms”!

3. Due to the cold weather, if the indoor (working environment) is relatively cold and too dry, you should pay attention to putting a larger and thicker cloth on the printer when you place it at ordinary times, especially when feeding paper. The nozzle and paper outlet are all covered, because the nozzle is in the printer, if it can ensure that the cold air does not enter the space of the printer too much, it can prevent the ink droplets on the printing nozzle from solidifying, otherwise it is easy to cause blockage, resulting in printing effect. decline.

4. It should also be noted that the printer is turned on once a week. The printer needs to be preheated when it is turned on and will automatically perform the nozzle cleaning process (usually, the amount of ink consumed by startup cleaning is very small), which can remove the ink droplets originally attached to the nozzle. Discharge to avoid blockage caused by ink droplets staying on the print head for a long time. And carry out a nozzle inspection, which can effectively check the current use of the nozzles to see if there is any phenomenon such as missing lines in printing (usually the phenomenon of missing lines in printing is the performance of plugging).

5. The upper cover of the printer can also be opened at ordinary times (must be turned off). You can see that there is a relatively smooth iron rod in the printer. This iron rod is called a guide rod in the industry and is the track on which the print head runs, Since there is lubricating oil on the guide rod during operation, the work can be completed quickly and accurately when printing. 

In winter, due to the cold weather, the lubricating oil is easy to solidify. In addition, if the machine is not maintained in daily use, for example, the upper cover of the printer is always opened for work, so that dust and the like continue to invade the guide rod. It is very likely that the abnormal phenomenon of the word car will occur. If you want to avoid this situation, try to put a few drops of precision lubricating oil on the guide rod, and try to remove the original dirt on the guide rod.


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