LED Flatbed UV Printer Performance Test

1. Printing small characters measuring accuracy

No matter what type of universal flatbed printer, the most basic condition that needs to be met is the printing accuracy. The method to test the printing accuracy is: use PS to print the 3rd word on full-page A4 paper. Those with clear printing, no ghosting and no blurring are qualified products. If there is a double image, it means that the vibration of the printer is too large during the printing process, which is caused by the unreasonable structural design, so that the force of the printer head cannot be well decomposed and released.

Below is the test result of 1mm characters of our LED flatbed UV printer, it is very clear. 1mm test uv printing

2. Repeated printing to test the performance of the LED flatbed UV printer

If the repeated printing position is inaccurate, the rejection rate will increase. At this time, it is particularly important to choose a printer with stable performance. The method is: print tic-tac-toe, repeat printing 10 times, and look at it with a 40-times magnifying glass. If it overlaps, the equipment is qualified. Or directly use the silkscreen method to test the set position. First, print blue dots, and then print red on the basis of blue. Look at it with a 40x magnifying glass. If you can’t see blue, it means that the machine has high precision.

uv flatbed printing machine

3. The diagonals of a quadrilateral are of equal length

Within the maximum printable format of the LED flatbed UV printer, print a rectangular frame. After printing, use a ruler to measure whether the lengths of the diagonals are the same. According to the rule of quadrilateral diagonals, if the diagonals are the same length, this is a standard rectangle. , if the lengths are not equal, it means that it is no longer a rectangle, but a rhombus or a trapezoid. If the printed lengths are not equal, it means that the printed rectangle has been seriously moved, and the printing accuracy does not meet the qualified requirements.

LED flatbed UV printer for sale



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